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World's unique inserts with crystals


We produce unique inserts with embedded crystals, in various sizes, for various purposes;
mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows, cribs, seats, belts, coasters, dog pads, horse blankets...
in order to help improve the health and quality of life by healing effects of crystals.

Biorystal Solutions produces unique inserts with embedded crystals of exceptional quality, that can be used as pads during sleeping, but also in many other ways and for various purposes .

Biocrystal solutions master product developers have spent two years experimenting with different combinations of crystals to find the perfect balance. Crystals are manually processed by specially trained master expert who has dedicated his whole life to this skill, in order to improve and enhance the health and quality of human life.

We take the utmost care in creating the Crystal – it takes between 140 and 160 working hours to produce each insert because the crystals are activated in a special way, and that is what makes our products unique in the world. Crystal inserts help to protect you from all hazardous radiation and heal your body, each night and every day.

Sleeping on Biorystal Solutions inserts brings deeper, relaxing sleep, an improved mood and youthful appearance. The benefits of sleeping on crystals extend into your improved life through greater health and happiness.

Biocrystal Solutions inserts contain crystals, minerals and noble metals, which are filled in the sunlight and activated in the presence of a man. The crystals are especially effective when used over a longer time, they have no harmful effects and protect against all types of radiation in a 180 cm radius. They developed from the mineral world in the Earth’s crust. The nature gave them to us to be healthier and happier, to raise the quality of life and ultimately to harmonize with our nature. Biocrystal Solutions products contain – 17 sorts of crystals from different parts of the world (Madagascar, Uruguay, China, Russia, Brazil, South America…). Apart from direct retail, we offer production for wholesalers from all over the world.

The most famous Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto, exploring and photographing the frozen water molecules, found that external influences (thoughts, words, ideas and music) changing the molecular structure of water. In the same way, crystals with their positive vibrations can affect water. Therefore, we advise you to get BioCrystal Solutions and so contribute to your life quality.

Dr. Masaru Emoto

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