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“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. All things have a frequency and vibration.”
– Nikola Tesla (1856.-1943.)

There are many types of radiation around us. Every living and nonliving being, like any object, has its own radiation. Our planet and groundwater radiate also and - perhaps most nowadays - technical and electrical appliances which surround us daily (cell phones, laptops, computers, televisions, electrical outlets, microwaves, etc.). It is therefore necessary to protect ourselves from the adverse impacts of radiation, at least during sleep, because we spend a third of life sleeping.

The human body awake operates at a frequency of 24 Hz. Radiation around us is at a frequency of 15 to 18 Hz, so during the day it is not a threat. However, while the person is sleeping, the frequency at which the body works is only 10 to 12 Hz, and then radiation strengthens, it has impact on our body and then we get ill.

Inserts with crystals help to protect against all type of radiation within a radius of 180 cm.

Water molecules in the body (amount of water in the human body is 70%) because of chemical and electromagnetic pollution tend clotting, creating so called energy blockages that impede the flow of energy. Using crystals that molecules are being separated and become free, liberated from all the pollution, thereby effectively assimilate the nutritional and medicinal substances.

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