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About the healing power of crystals.

17 different crystals from various parts of the world have been processed and pressed into the special BioCrystal Slutions inserts. Each crystal acts on specific organs and helps in treating various diseases, raises the energy in the body and has a beneficial effect on the emotional state.

The crystals help in healing many physical and mental illnesses. They enhance the health and quality of life, protect your organs and prevent the development of diseases. These are crystals that we use in BioCrystal Solutions inserts and in other products from our assortment:


Treats lungs and liver, overall body generator, aids in recovery from illnesses


Helps in protection against all negativity, radiation\electromagnetic smog


Rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, powerful effects on physical, emotional and spiritual health, happiness, relaxation and calm the entire nervous system


Brain cancer, diarrhea, eye nerves, headache, hepatitis, liver inflammations, lungs, prostate, respiratory system, spine, concentration, stress


Lungs, heart, urogenital & muscular systems, calms the mind, dissolves negative thoughts and emotions


The blood, nerves, digestion system, depression, constipation, diabetes


Kidney disease, improves arthritic/joint ailments, ulcers, respiratory tract, flu, cancer, lungs, anxiety, insomnia, tumors


Immune system, liver, spleen & pancreas, the heart, digestive system, the eyes

Red Jasper

Helps to eliminate electromagnetic and environmental pollution, and radiation, builds will power, courage, determination and character, organizational abilities, stimulates imagination and transforms ideas into action

Dalmatian Jasper

Immune system, detoxifies toxins, cartilage problems, digestion, blood, immune system

Jasper leopard

Eliminating toxins, decreasing body odor, immune system, urinary system

Jasper natural

Digestion, stomach, stress

Orange Calcite

Reproductive system, fatigue, calcium assimilation, mental and emotional equilibrium, intestinal disorder

Rose Quartz

Heart and brain disorders, cell rejuvenation


Helps in healing the cellular, physical & etheric body, aid the kidneys, helps relieve stress/anxiety

Serpentine jade

Kidneys, heart, stomach, broken hearts, nervous system


Psychic healing, auric field, etheric body, anxiety, panic

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